The ICJSE was hosted by Boston College High School (www.bchigh.edu), the Jesuit High School of Boston, from July 29 – August 2, 2012. The Colloquium location was Boston College (www.bc.edu).


Boston College High School is honored to host the first ever International Colloquium on Jesuit Secondary Education (ICJSE) and looks forward to welcoming you to Boston! The ICJSE, originating from the growing need to prepare our students to actively engage the world, is supported by Father General Adolfo Nicolas and the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE). Our hope is that the Colloquium answers the call set forth to Jesuit educators in General Congregation 35…

Serving Christ’s mission today means paying special attention to its global context. This context requires us to act as a universal body with a universal mission, realizing at the same time the radical diversity of our situations. It is as a worldwide community – and, simultaneously, as a network of local communities – that we seek to serve others across the world.”

Our Jesuit secondary schools today are dedicated to forming the next generation of leaders for our church in the world. This will require training students to think globally, working collaboratively as a network of schools, and exchanging ideas, strategies and practices. Many years ago the Society of Jesus recognized the necessity to build national and regional networks of Jesuit schools that encouraged collaboration between Jesuits and their lay partners. These national and regional service networks, because of the collaboration and trust that has developed, have strengthened the Jesuit mission in these regions.

By gathering as a global network of Jesuit schools for the very first time, we will begin to work collectively to best prepare not only our students, but ourselves as educators to truly become global citizens. We will address common challenges, share resources and strengthen our educational network while we strive to maintain our Jesuit identity. Please join us in Boston!

The purpose of the ICJSE is to:

  • build upon and strengthen our global network of Jesuit secondary schools as called to do in GC 35
  • celebrate and highlight the Jesuit Mission and how in particular it impacts and applies to our secondary school systems in today’s modern society
  • examine, as a community, how we can best ensure that our schools remain uniquely Jesuit
  • examine common concerns, challenges, and accomplishments that we share on a universal level
  • share tools, resources and knowledge that allow us to prepare our students to become global citizens



The theme of the ICJSE is “The World is our House,” which invites all of us to a new level and spirit of collaboration, partnership, and unity around the world. In May of 2011, the members of ICAJE (International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education), reflected on how the upcoming Colloquium might best meet the needs of all Jesuit secondary schools around the globe. They suggested the following topics as most beneficial for plenary sessions during the Colloquium:

  • Worldwide Communities
  • Identity
  • Technology
  • Mission
  • Global Network and Collaboration

Plenary sessions will be highlighted by a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops and group discussions. Each region will also be given time to meet as local communities to not only address regional matters, but to also begin processing and reflecting upon the information presented and shared at the Colloquium. On the Colloquium’s final day, each region will be asked to share their vision of how information obtained at the Colloquium might be implemented into their school systems. The possibility of future International Colloquiums on Jesuit Secondary Education will also be discussed at this time.

We will offer daily liturgies for our guests on the Boston College Campus. We are delighted to have Cardinal Sean O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap. lead us on Wednesday, July 31, 2012 for the Feast of St. Ignatius Liturgy.